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Open Bracket workshops are conducted by professionals who are invited from an extensive list of artists and creators, which is presently expanding near light speed. These guys take the time out from carving a niche in their field (and being just generally awesome) to interact with participants. When we say that a workshop is ‘custom made’ we mean that everything from content, the sequence to the activities in the session is planned to leave you wide-eyed and wiser. From fascinating fundamentals to tricky tricks of the trade, the workshops look at every facet of a subject, and make sure you catch the skills that reflect off of it. For every ounce of curiosity you bring with you, you take back a gallon of insight home!

Water Colour Painting

The art of water colour painting with Tushar Shetty

Stamp Making

Stamp making workshop

Fold in time - A DIY Origata

Fold in time – A DIY Origata Workshop



Change is the only constant, especially where the creative practice is concerned. This age of much information, unending ideas and transforming technology inspires more and more people to do amazing new things and constantly redefine their craft. We, at Open Bracket love to stay updated, and now you can too! Every fortnight, you get to meet a new artist doing some major groundbreaking in their field, and what makes them tick – right here! That’s what our OBlight feature is about. It is the perfect way to discover great people, stay in the loop, share and learn. Make sure you watch this space for more!

Pratap Chalke

#OBlight 44 – Illustration

#OBlight 44 – Art Illustration
Studio Kokaachi

OBlight 42- Studio Kokaachi

#OBlight 42 – Studio Kokaachi
Rohan Chakravarty

#OBlight 43 – Illustration, comics and Animation Design

#OBlight 43 – llustration, comics and Animation Design