Open bracket is an experimental platform for all things creative! It is an attempt at connecting the dots, of looking at the world through a lens of constant curiosity. As creative fields today merge into one another, it is always a good idea to stuff as many skills as we can in the metaphorical pockets of our mind. ‘Multidisciplinary learning’, the fancy term for the rather simple approach, is the new rule of the roost!


Open bracket is all set to achieve just that. We organize custom made workshops that stand firmly in the no man’s land between classroom lectures and professional training, though never shying from mandatory hops of fun. Whether you are an inquiring student, practicing professionals or just generally inquisitive; our workshops are designed to satiate your creative appetite. Generous helpings of inspired wisdom, with desert on the side! And that is why they are so great, they accept you for who you are, just as long as you are willing to learn.


Workshops conducted in the past include – ‘Into the world of microfiction’ a writing workshop by Terribly Tiny Tales, ‘You look but do you see?’ by photographer Prashant Godbole, ‘Travel, how to’s and how not to’s’ by Neha Mungekar, and ‘The art of Paper Folding’, an origami workshop by MimansaVahia to mention a few.


These workshops bridge the gap between the eager apprentice and established (if not elusive) artist. Between the real learning and one on one feedback that the participant gets, the artist too benefits. In addition to getting to share work with a larger audience, the artist can now have constructive conversations with the general public. Creative newbies, looking to make a mark on the creative canvas, are just as welcome to share fresh work!


The founder, Parnavi Karandikar, believes that if it is something that you learn through an extensive experience in teaching, it is how to take a pretty damn good class! Through her work in architecture practice and academics, she has met some really talented people with great things to offer. Getting them together for the greater good was the next big step, and that is how Open Bracket was realized.


Open bracket is a young, motivated initiative to bring together extraordinary people. Often through ordinary communication with the potential to create extraordinary ideas! So if you either have something to say or the passion to learn, the brackets of possibility are now open.

About Founder


Open bracket is an initiative by Parnavi Karandikar, an Architect, academician, avid reader and researcher with a curious eye for anything/everything creative. Being an architect Parnavi has had the chance to interact and work with various artists and professional from various other creative fields. These interactions made her realise that only having skills and knowledge limited to your area of profession is very limiting and paralysing in a lot of ways. There is an urgent need for multi disciplinary learning. Hence she decided to establish OPEN BRACKET as a platform.